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Monday, July 9, 2012

CHEAP Alternatives To Dry Erase Boards

I have played several games or done several activities that required each student to have a dry erase board. As you probably know, getting one for each student can be EXPENSIVE (not to mention you have to get markers and erasers for them). Well here are a few alternatives that can help.

  1. Shower/Tile Board- Tile board is usually used in- you guesses it- showers. Well this board (which cost approximately $20-$30) can be cut into smaller boards and used just like dry erase boards.They can usually be found at your hardware stores.
  2. Plastic Chi net Plates- These plates are very inexpensive and can be purchased WalMart. They work just like dry erase.
  3. Card stock in plastic sleeves- Buy card stock and put it in those plastic covers. It ends up being as durable as a dry erase board and easy to store.  
  4. Laminate paper or card stock- One method that I've tried that seems to work is to laminate cardstock. This is also very cheap and easy to store. 
Now for let's say you have enough dry erase markers but erasers are a problem. Simply hot glue a small felt pom pom to the end of each marker. Works just as well!


  1. I do the card stock in the page protector. So easy!

  2. I have a set of 24 boards that I made from a piece of shower board. Been using them for 14 years and they are just now getting "unerasable". They are great. I use them in my high school math classes all of the time.