Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Songs That Teach Pollution (Science and Geography)

One day I had to teach the following objective "7.3.spi.13. recognize the definitions of modifications on the physical environment (i.e. global warming, deforestation, desert, urbanization)" I wanted to think of a creative way to really get the students to recognize the modifications. Then this INGENIOUS idea popped in my brain. Why not have my students view Micheal Jackson's "Earth Song" video and identify the examples in it? Think about it. All of the modifications listed are in that video. So I created this worksheet Environmental Consequences using Earth Song for students to complete. I also have a SPED version Environmental Consequences using the Earth Song SPED too. A more tech savvy activity would be for student to complete a voicethread identifying the modifications as they happen on the video. In their explanation they would evaluate how this modification impacts Earth.

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  1. Good job! I have used this song before. I printed the lyrics and used it as a hook before the lesson and a discussion piece